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A World Environment Day Checklist

It’s World Environment Day today. With a summer breaking all temperature records thanks to global warming, it makes sense to stop and look at the bigger picture and do something for the environment, doesn’t it? We have a quick reminder list to help you take a few steps in the direction of eco-friendly living.

Plant a tree – It’s a great feeling to watch a plant grow into a tree and see how it changes with the seasons. Just a little effort will yield clean air, cool shade and a beautiful sight for sore eyes for years to come. Plus, watering a plant every day is way less commitment than having a pet, so it’s a great way to start!

Reduce – Say no to plastic and carry a compact cotton tote for your grocery shopping on the way back from work. They are strong, washable and not to forget, so much better looking than those noisy polythene bags!

crreative1Be a little tech savvy – You spend all your time on your tablet or smart phone; do you really have to print that 40 page document to read? Read online and save paper, shop online and save fuel. Easy on the pocket too, huh?

Get in shape – Walk or cycle to work, or at least to your neighbourhood markets, eat only as much as you need and reduce food wastage, switch off the TV to go out and play some team sports. Getting fit is more fun if it is eco-friendly!

Go natural – Feel closer to nature by letting your skin breathe in natural fibres like cotton and linen. There is such a great variety of options to be explored, from vegetable dyes to recycled fibres; caring for the environment was never this fashionable! Check out the options we have for you.

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Green Day

It’s World Environment Day today, when “going green” is not considered an act of jealousy, and it would be great if you planted a tree or saved electricity (not just today, but also as a regular habit). While you make the world a better place, you can also go a step further and incorporate green, the colour, into your wardrobe. Pick shades that you like, from deep olive to popping neon, and from teal to mint. It could be a wallet, a watch, a bag, or a tee; a little green and a lot of happiness.

World Environment Day